Cruz abourd the Yorktown
Cruz abourd the Yorktown Reuters

Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz outlined his plan to rebuild the US military on Tuesday, and called for greater cooperation with Israel on missile defense programs for intercepting short, medium and long range missiles.

Speaking aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina, Cruz promised that he will "invest in our military with a simple goal: more tooth, less tail.”

“America needs a strong military to protect our great nation and the freedoms we hold dear,” said Cruz. “Rebuilding the American military will be one of the most serious tasks facing the next Commander in Chief."

According to the Jewish Insider, he also called for greater collaboration with the Jordanian, Egyptian and Israeli militaries, and for partnering with all three of them on the war against terror.

Meanwhile, rival Marco Rubio's campaign distributed a memo that accused Cruz of lying on national security matters. The Rubio campaign pointed out that in 2013, Cruz signed on to Senator Rand Paul’s budget resolution proposal that slashed defense funding and international aid, “including aid to Israel.”

Since entering the Senate in 2013, Cruz has voted against the annual National Defense Authorization Act, a broad, comprehensive defense budget authority bill that helps fund missile-defense programs in Israel like Iron Dome.

“Senator Cruz will say or do anything to win an election including lying to cover-up his own weak record on national security. Senator Cruz is the only candidate in this race who has consistently sided against our military and intelligence professionals and whose foreign policy vision changes with his poll numbers,” Joe Pounder, Rubio’s spokesman said in a statement.