Building in Rishon LeZion hit by Gaza missile
Building in Rishon LeZion hit by Gaza missileUzi Perlmutter, News 24

Iran tested three new missiles and plans to unveil its new personnel carriers this week during military exercises being held in Isfahan Province.

Missile and rocket units in the Iranian Army test-fired the three different types of missiles, developed by the Army and Defense Industries, during recent war games, Ground Forces Lt. Cmdr-Gen Kioumars Heydari said on Saturday, Iran's FARS news agency reported.

No details were released about the missiles, other than to say they were different from the current Fajr series and Naze’at 10 missiles stocked in the Iranian arsenal. 

The Naze’at 10 is a medium range missile, falling short of the longer-range Fajr-5, which can reach up to 75 kilometers (47 miles).

The display of military equipment is aimed at showing off the “latest achievements and defensive tactics” of the Islamic Republic. The parades will continue throughout the country through April 18, the country’s National Army Day.

Among the missiles fired at Israel by Gaza terrorists during Operation Pillar of Defense last November was the Fajr-5 missile, which reached as far as Tel Aviv. The "home made" M75 missile produced in Gaza, also fired for the first time during that counter terror operation, reached as far as Rishon Lezion and was made with parts that were shipped to the region from Iran.

It was during Operation Pillar of Defense that Iran for the first time admitted its involvement in providing military as well as financial support to the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.