Israeli students have become increasingly rel
Israeli students have become increasingly rel Reuters

As Israeli leftist-backed protests of the government squeezing out the middle class continue to brew, a new report shows that Israeli students are becoming increasingly dependent on their parents, adding to the financial strain experienced by the middle class. 

According to the research institute Maagar Mohot (Brains Trust) Israeli students received an average of NIS 14,355 from their parents in 2012, an increase of 15% from the previous year, according to Globes

Their "2012 Student Survey," conducted for the National Union of Israeli Students, surveyed more than 5,000 students and found that more than half, 51%, of those surveyed receive financial help from their parents while in school. 46% of students receive NIS 9,001-20,000 a year, 36% receive up to NIS 9,000 a year, and 18% receive more than NIS 20,000 a year. 

The accessibility of higher education is the primary concern that stems from these figures. Tuition for Israeli universities range from around 9,000 IS to upwards of 30,000 IS, extremely low by Western standards. Many American parents and students go into debt for years to pay U.S. college tuition. IDF veterans also get special tuition benefits.

Still, although Jewish parents are known for helping their children financially, the burden of tuition and the necessity to financially support a child when he or she is in school can be difficult for a middle class that is already feeling pressures from increases in food, rent and other necessities. 

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