MK Anastasia Michaeli
MK Anastasia MichaeliIsrael news photo: Flash 90

MK Anastassia Michaeli (Yisrael Beytenu), who was bashed last week following her remarks against pro-homosexual television content, said Sunday that she has been sent hundreds of hateful text messages since the weekend.

Michaeli, who returned on Sunday from a visit to her hometown of Saint Petersburg, told Arutz Sheva that her remarks were meant to raise the often silenced issue of hardships of some minorities, noting that the remarks were taken out of context and turned into a reason to attack her.

During a debate last week on sexual harassment in the Knesset's Committee for the Advancement of Women, Michaeli said that her children were exposed to homosexuality-promoting content on Channel 10. She also tried to offer an explanation of why some people become homosexual.

“To my discomfort, when I turn on Channel 10 I see supposed entertainment programs showing how nice it is to be a homosexual, and in a re-run they interview his mother about how sad she is and how she divorced her husband and her son is a homosexual,” she said. “I want to ask – what did the son undergo as a small child, when he was three years old, from his father, and why did they divorce?”

MK Michaeli, who has eight children, presented her theory on the origin of homosexuality: “I think that most homosexuals are guys who undergo a very traumatic experience of sexual harassment from a very young age, and it gets worse with time.”

She added, “We should cooperate with those homosexuals because they are suffering. In the end they wind up committing suicide at age 40, and they are the same guys who want to be women and they are indeed women. There should be more consciousness of this. There should be a campaign with professionals and psychologists.”

The liberal mainstream media had a field day with Michaeli's comments, presenting her as primitive and reminding their audience of her previous run-in with political correctness, in which she spilled a glass of water on an Arab MK

Michaeli told Arutz Sheva that the discussion in which she made her remarks was meant to raise the issue of harassment and the inappropriate representation that various sectors of society such as Ethiopians, Russian immigrants, Arabs and others receive. She explained that as part of this discussion, hardships that were specific to each sector were brought up. It was within this framework, said Michaeli, that she raised the issue of suicide among the homosexual community.

She noted that hiding the data about suicidal tendencies among this community onloy strengthens and increases the problems. Michaeli stated that one can no longer ignore that fact that one in eight homosexuals attempts suicide, adding, “Conspiracy of silence will exacerbate the problem.”

Michaeli said that her phone number was posted on the Internet after her remarks, causing her to receive hundreds, if not thousands, of hate text messages.

“I was exposed to mental and verbal abuse,” she said, adding that a complaint has been filed with the Knesset’s investigating officer. She also said she is considering appealing to the court over the brutal behavior toward her.

Michaeli said that she believed it is time to put on the table the question of the permissible limits of exposure and harm to one person for the sake of freedom of others.

“Where is the social justice for anyone who watches this [homosexual] content?” she asked, adding that raising the issue is part of the commitment and “responsibility towards the next generation watching such content at the age of six and in ten years we'll be in Sodom. Where did the values ​​of the Holy Land go?”