'We want to get married, but all resources go to my sick father'

He lost his mother and works to support his sick father. Now he wants to get married.

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Yehuda Yonah
Yehuda Yonah

Dear fellow Jew!

I turn to you in tears because I can no longer deal with this difficult situation alone.

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My name is Yehuda Yonah, and I am from Jerusalem.

My dear mother passed away from cancer after much anguish and prolonged suffering, leaving us, nine orphans, with a father, vulnerable and weak from heart and kidney disease.

Our father's medical condition is getting worse by the day. He recently lost sight in one eye because we lacked the funds to pay for medical treatment. Now, if we fail to raise money for medical treatments and medication, he may, G-d forbid, lose sight in his other eye and remain blind for life.

Due of his erratic health, my father is unable to function properly. He cannot work and cannot support us, and my brothers and I have been left to shoulder the financial burden of supporting the family. Together we are trying to overcome the immense pain and abysmal void left in our lives from the death of our dear mother, while bravely contending with the financial responsibility that has become our lot: supporting our siblings, paying off the debts from our mother's illness and trying to help our father keep his eyesight.

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B"H, Hashem has sent a ray of light into this dismal situation and I have been fortunate to find my "bashert," a remarkable young woman who has agreed to be my partner in life and become part of our family despite our present, difficult situation.

We want to get married, but as all of my resources go to fulfilling my duties to my father and siblings and trying to garner the funds to pay for my father's medical needs, I cannot even begin to imagine where and how to find the money to pay for even the simplest wedding expenses.

Dear compassionate brothers and sisters, I beg you with tears in my eyes. Please help me get married without shame and pain.

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I have tried to be so strong and cope without asking for help from anyone, but now I have no choice. I cannot support my siblings, pay for my father's medical expenses and finance my own wedding.

I want my father to be able to see me stand under the chuppah. With your help, that can happen.

I thank you for taking the time to read my message, for your understanding and compassion and your willingness to help.

May you be rewarded with good health, happiness and nachat, and may Hashem fulfill all of your heart's desires for the good.

Please leave me names for prayer, and my kallah and I will remember you as we stand under the chuppah on our wedding day and pray for you and your loved ones with hearts filled with gratitude and thanks.

Thank you

Tizku leMitsvot

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