Weekend lockdown to continue

Ministry of Health supports abolition of partial lockdown on weekends. Discussion on the issue will be held next week.

Hezki Baruch ,

Police officers enforce restrictions
Police officers enforce restrictions
Israel Police spokesperson

The partial lockdown for this weekend will take effect on Friday, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health supports its abolition and claims that it is not effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu wanted to hold a vote by telephone that would have allowed the closure to be lifted as early as this weekend, but the opposition of the haredi ministers and of Minister Izhar Shay (Blue and White) necessitates a discussion in the Coronavirus Cabinet this coming Monday.

The haredi ministers objected because their demand to increase the number of worshipers permitted in synagogues had not been met so far. Shay, for his part, claims that the lockdown is effective in halting the spread of the coronavirus in Israel. The partial lockdown requires the closure of stores and malls.

MK Yulia Malinovsky (Yisrael Beytenu) commented on the ministers' opposition to lifting the partial lockdown on weekends and said, "It is simply a scandal that the government does not lift this lockdown which has no meaning and that only because of the pressures of the haredi ministers do the shops and shopping centers remain closed this weekend. It is time for you to decide what motivates you, the good of the public or the political good of Binyamin Netanyahu."

Earlier, the Ministry of Health updated that 1,111 new cases of coronavirus had been diagnosed in Israel since midnight. The number of patients on respirators stands at 102.

Since the onset of the pandemic, 499 people have died. 328 patients are in serious condition. The number of active cases in Israel is 25,628, and to date, 43,476 cases have recovered.