Was Zionism a Mistake?

We must make the state of Jews into a Jewish state

Prof. MK Arieh Eldad

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If the Zionist revolution was intended to bring normality to the Jewish people, it was destined to fail. 

The Jewish People is not a normal people. There is no historical parallel to a people with four thousand years of continuous history.

True, Egypt has antiquities that predate our Patriarchs. But there is no connection between the Egypt of the Pharaohs and the Egypt of today.  It is not the same people, the same language, the same religion, or the same culture.  Chinese culture is more ancient than ours.  But the Chinese were never exiled from their land and suffered none of the destruction that the Jews did for the past two thousand years. The Jewish people is not a normal people.

Abnormal People

Judaism is not a normal religion.  There is no parallel to the unbreakable tie between the Jewish religion and nationality.  And our movement of national liberation – Zionism – is unlike any other national liberation movement of the past centuries.  African or European peoples who fought for their freedom merely had to eject foreign rulers and declare independence.  The liberation movement of the Jewish people had a double task: to gather the exiles of Israel from around the world and to free its land from foreign rulers.  Zionism is not a normal liberation movement.

Is it any wonder, then, that the Jewish people’s desire for normalization was not realized with the return to Zion. Two thousand years of persecution, forced conversion, destruction, expulsion and exile created a new species of Jew: the professional survivor.  The genes of Josephus Flavius keep popping up on the stage of history in characters such as the leaders of the Judenrat, Kastner, those who turned Jewish underground fighters over the British during the years before statehood, those who sank the Irgun arms ship Altalena, and the most recent “heroes” who uprooted and exiled the Jewish residents of Gaza in what they called a “disengagement.”

There is a direct line from Josephus Flavius to Mordechai Vanunu and Ilan Pappe, from Aristobulus, the Hasmonean king who opened the gates of Jerusalem to Pompeii of Rome in order to survive the war with his brother Horkynus the Hasmonean, to Ehud Olmert who is ready to open the gates of Jerusalem to the Arab enemy in order to survive politically and win support from the world’s sole superpower.

Safe Haven?

Zionism also set other goals, principally to create a "safe haven" for persecuted Jews around the world. Herzl, who heard the Parisian mob, students of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity,” yelling “Death to the Jews” during the Dreyfus trial, understood that the Emancipation was not the solution to the problem of the Jews in exile. Herzl understood that only a Jewish state could guarantee the existence of Jews in exile.

Here, too, Zionism failed. The destruction of the Jews of Europe preceded the establishment of the state. The State of Israel came too late for the six million who rose in smoke and whose ashes fertilize the fields of Europe.

As much as the gentiles who refused to give Herzl a charter over the land of Israel are to blame, so are the Jews who refuse to unite and redeem themselves.  The hareidi-religious waited for a messiah to come from heaven, the Bundists preferred Yiddish and exile, the socialists wanted to redeem to the world and thought that when economic classes would be abolished, the Jewish problem would also be solved.  All of them vigorously fought Herzl. 

Even the Zionism of those who followed in Herzl’s path were unable to free themselves from the chains of exile. They preferred “one more dunam and one more goat and one more rally against the White Paper” to taking up arms and driving out foreign rulers from Israel. They also bear responsibility for the failure to save the Jews of Europe and for the State of Israel coming too late and not being a safe haven when it was needed.

But even now after the State of Israel has been established, it does not seem a safe haven for the Jews. Over 23,000 Jews have been killed in Eretz Israel since the modern return to Zion, solely because they were Jews.  In no other country have so many Jews been killed solely because they were Jews. 

Selling Israel Out

The State of Israel was established so Jews could determine their own fate, to fight and defeat their enemies, not to be human dust but to turn their enemies to dust. But as long as its leaders are of the race of Flavius, they may turn Israel over to the worst of its enemies and fail to prevent the destruction now threatened by Iran. They may themselves bring the Arab enemy into the country and into Jerusalem. For the first time in history, the Jewish people are preparing to recognize the right of another people to establish a state in Eretz Israel. 

If the leaders of the Jewish state are incapable of facing the enemies who want to destroy it, perhaps it would have been better if a Jewish state had not been established?  Perhaps it would be preferable for there to be no state of six million Jews of exilic character who prefer that the world fight for us and stop Iran with sanctions and pressure?

One can only ask: are they are blind and deaf? Do they fail to see what is clear to all: That the leaders of Iran are prepared to act as suicide bombers who would sacrifice their lives to destroy Israel?  Perhaps it would be better if the largest concentration of Jews in the world had not been established if its leaders are incapable of preventing its destruction?

And yet the answer remains a resounding "no." The law of exile is a law of destruction or conversion.  Exile ends either in gas chambers and crematoria, or a golden exile with intermarriage rates above 50 percent.   In Eretz Israel, where a state of the Jews has been established, a Jewish State can be established.  A state of Jews daring to rise as one and not a state of Flaviuses.  A state prepared to deal with its enemies and wipe them out, one that will not look to the gentiles for salvation. 

We want to and we can liberate Eretz Israel from any foreign ruler, not because the land is necessary for security, but because Eretz Israel is our homeland. It is not a safe haven.  It is our only home, and remains so even when we are under fire.

Zionism is not a mistake. After 2000 years, our fate is once again in our hands.  If our leaders have gone bad and are trying to push us into the abyss, we have the ability to guarantee the existence of the State of Israel, and turn it from the state of the Jews into a Jewish State.