Jewish Anti-Semitism - Part I

The existence of "black sheep" in families is not all that unusual. What stands out among various ethnic groups is the unique degree of malevolence exhibited by the Jewish black sheep against their fellow Jews, which would then qualify them as Jewish anti-Semites. Simply having Jewish ancestors is no obstacle to being an anti-Semite.

Rachel Neuwirth

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The existence of "black sheep" in families is not all that unusual. What stands out among various ethnic groups is the unique degree of malevolence exhibited by the Jewish black sheep against their fellow Jews, which would then qualify them as Jewish anti-Semites. Simply having Jewish ancestors is no obstacle to being an anti-Semite.

We can consider a spectrum of moral behavior ranging from the most ethical to the most evil. This article deals only with consciously (in my opinion) anti-Semitic Jews and not with those Jews who are only misguided into supporting evil, but who do not consciously intend to do harm. Jewish anti-Semites usually pose as Jews with a legitimate goal, such as promoting peace or simply exercising their right of free speech for a noble purpose.

It is hard for many people to believe that those of Jewish ancestry could actually be anti-Semites. To the uninitiated and the unsuspecting, their arguments can even seem persuasive, all of which can be confusing in determining who is right and who is wrong. This article suggests some measures by which to detect the Jewish anti-Semites. It will also cite specific examples of such. In addition, it helps to have a grasp of history, plus individual judgment and common sense in detecting the presence of actual Jewish anti-Semitism.

In general, the following characteristics are often indicative of Jewish anti-Semites:

- Demanding full rights for all Arabs living inside Israel while also demanding that Jews must be expelled from any area where Arabs dominate numerically and from where they attack Jews.

- Willingness to use deception and disinformation in the form of outright fabrications, exaggerations and selective omissions to attack Israel and its efforts at self-defense.

- Double standards: great concern for Arab suffering vs. minimal lip service for Jewish suffering.

- No attempts to show solidarity with Jewish causes and to alleviate Jewish suffering with visits to victims of terror, or to help with funds or food for hungry and unemployed Israelis.

- Minimal personal involvement with traditional Jewish religious observance.

- Will arbitrarily alter Judaic teachings and practice to support their anti-Israeli political agenda.

- Advocating Israeli territorial concessions regardless of any resulting danger to security needs.

- Ignoring, minimizing or even excusing the preaching and teaching of murderous hatred towards Israel, Zionism and Jews by Arab leaders and in Arab schools.

- Arguing that any support for Israel is somehow disloyal and harmful to American interests.

- Citing being Jewish as conferring some type of authority to speak legitimately as Jews or on behalf of other Jews. Attempting to exploit their accident of birth for political advantage, even against fellow Jews, could be considered a form of racism.

- Ignoring basic Jewish concerns, such Jewish education, opposing anti-Semitism, lobbying for Jewish rights and for disadvantaged Jews.

- Not addressing fellow Jews in the spirit of dialogue and respect for others' views. Their 'voice' is often strident, harsh, accusatory and inciting outsiders to join in condemning Israel and Zionism, including by means of economic boycotts.

- Strongly supporting the international Left, which, in turn, supports Israel's enemies.

The following are some examples of what I believe to be Jewish anti-Semitism.

The Yevsektsiya

We find a historical summary of this organization with the following excerpts:

"Yevsektsiya or Yevsektsia Derogatorily, a Yevsektsiya member was called a Yevsek. Yevseki was the Jewish fraction of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, created in 1919 to challenge and eventually destroy the rival General Jewish Labor Union and Zionist parties, suppress Judaism and Bourgeois nationalism and build up a Proletarian Jewish culture, as well as to impose the ideas of Dictatorship of the proletariat onto the Jewish worker class. Another important aim of the Yevsektsiya was to mobilize the Jewish Diaspora in favor of the Soviet regime. For most of its existence, the Yevsektsiya was headed by Semyon Dimanstein.

"Persons of Jewish origin were over-represented in the Russian revolutionary leadership. However, most of them were hostile to traditional Jewish culture and Jewish political parties, and were eager to prove their loyalty to the Communist Party's Atheism and Proletarian internationalism, and committed to stamp out any sign of Jewish cultural particularism.

"In 1919, Zionist parties' headquarters in Moscow and Petrograd were taken over, their membership arrested and their newspapers shut down. In April 1920, the All-Russian Zionist Congress was broken up by the Yevsektsiya activists and the Cheka. Seventy-five delegates were arrested on the spot, thousands of members were sent to prison for counter-revolutionary... collusion in the interests of the Anglo-French bourgeoisie... to restore the Palestine state [i.e. the future Jewish homeland as envisioned after WWI and ratified by the League of Nations].

"Lenin wrote in his
Critical Remarks on the National Question (1913): 'Whoever directly or indirectly puts forward the slogan of a Jewish "national culture" is (whatever his good intentions may be) an enemy of the proletariat, a supporter of the old and of the caste position of the Jews, an accomplice of the Rabbi and the bourgeoisie.' The Bolshevik considered the Hebrew language a 'reactionary language' since it was associated with both Judaism and Zionism, and was officially banned by the Narkompros (Commissariat of Education) in 1919. Hebrew books were seized from the libraries. The famous Habima Theater had to obtain an official permission to exist from Lenin, but later was branded a 'Zionist nest' and ceased to exist in 1926. At the same time, an effort to encourage 'Soviet proletarian culture' in the Yiddish language was made, as a countermeasure against traditional Jewish 'bourgeois' or 'shtetl' culture.

"The Yevsektsia was disbanded in 1929, after the creation of the Jewish Autonomous Soviet Socialist Oblast. Many of its members perished in the Great Purge."

The forgoing is also a good general definition of the hard line Jewish Left. It may have begun idealistically as promoting a vision of universal brotherhood, justice, equality and peace. But they did not hesitate to turn against their own in fulfilling the cruel suppression of their own Jewish religion and culture. They bought into the dictum that the ends justify the means. As Jews, they were better positioned to spy on the Jewish community and seek out rabbis trying to secretly educate Jewish children in their heritage and report them to the secret police, where severe punishment awaited. They were willing to commit major human rights crimes against fellow Jews in pursuit of their high global ideals. The leftist Jewish anti-Semite is willing, even eager, to betray his people and his heritage, even in the cause of a cruel despotism that preaches a false idealism. Note their anti-Jewish ferocity existed even without a Jewish state and without the Palestine issue ,which are prime issues today.

The Yevsektsiya continued to operate well into the Stalinist period and apparently was not at all disillusioned by Stalin's mass killings of innocents. Once they had sold their souls, there was apparently no second thoughts about how their original idealism had been turned into just another totalitarian barbarism. This rigid mentality has survived in the Jewish anti-Semite of today, in whom many of the same characteristics remain.

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