Let's Play "It's the Jews!"

Ex-general Anthony Zinni joined the growing contestants seeking fame and fortune on the new "game show" called "It's the Jews!" Zinni hopes to be a star and the winning contestant by blaming the Jews or Israel for whatever mess he and others perceive in Iraq and the Arab world. No doubt, Zinni's new "fish bait" will catch a few more book offers and speaking engagements.

Joel Katzman

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Ex-general Anthony Zinni joined the growing contestants seeking fame and fortune on the new "game show" called "It's the Jews!" Zinni hopes to be a star and the winning contestant by blaming the Jews or Israel for whatever mess he and others perceive in Iraq and the Arab world. No doubt, Zinni's new "fish bait" will catch a few more book offers and speaking engagements.

One too many Israelis, and some of their leaders, refuse to respond to their alarm clocks. They just continue to snooze comfortably while dreaming securely about the promises made by their "dear friends", if only Israel would sheepishly implement "recommended" peace risks/plans; plans that have repeatedly proven to be childish dreams designed to promote the interests of their creators. It is a truly strange phenomenon, if not a hideous "Catch 22" at best, that as Israel strives to appease its "friends", and even its enemies, at its own peril (more than any nation in history), Israel receives more blame and bashing than it would if it gave up the hope of positive results coming from the weight of foolish appeasement. And, of course, suckers that we are, we will sway in awe as these "friendly" bashers vehemently deny any anti-Semitic or anti-Israel motivations while they pontificate disingenuously. We can all rest assured that the likes of Zinni, and the rising song-and-dance politicians and opportunists bellowing like bulls in heat about Israel and the Jews' responsibility for Iraq, are merely responsible politicians, citizens and critics.

Yeah, and I am Elijah the prophet, "God is Dead", and the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbles was an honorable, forthright and respectable man just bringing the truth to mindless Germans.

What do you think might be motivating Zinni, Hollings, et al, who are trying to sell the notion that the Iraqi war was motivated by Jews for the purpose of securing Israel? Could it be Arab propaganda and Arab appeasement, propaganda from the Left, or economic interests and political opportunism, or all the above? Could there even be the slightest possibility that blaming Jews/Israel for the problems with the Iraqi war and the Arab world is not too different from Hitler's blaming the Jews for the economic troubles of Germany, and then some. Hitler's dump on the Jews became part of a sure ticket to fame and fortune for Hitler, didn't it?

Time to wake up, slumbering and well-assimilated Jews, because it looks like there are some powerful people in this morally decaying world that want to get some personal mileage out returning the Jews to the stake, and it is starting to look like Israel might just be the convenient vehicle by which to accomplish this task.

As for who is to blame for the Iraqi War, the finger can only point in one direction, if one refrains from trying to blame the Jews -- the Islamofacists the world over, a dictator in Iraq trying to keep power by outdoing Hitler, US Democrats (intoxicated on Leftist lunacy), and those who were asleep at the wheel when terrorist chieftains and their bands of satanic cultists plotted, planned and carried out destruction against the US, Israel and the rest of the civilized world. Of course, let us not forget to give blame awards to Yasser Arafat and his depraved horde of barbarians, Hizbollah, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and last but not least, the media, who has made it nearly impossible to succeed against Islamofacism in Iraq or anywhere else that might cause the Islamic world justifiable discomfort.

More simply put, there is a rising tide of US politicians, has-been power elites, and up-and-coming power mongers joining the ranks of the corrupted UN and the decaying EU, dedicated to the task of laying blame, while achieving personal fame and fortune, for the difficulties with Arab world and Iraq (including personal failures and appeasement of Islamofacism) at the door step of the Jew. Once again, history proves that it can repeat itself, albeit with somewhat different "colors" and creative "designs".

Grow Up Zinni! Whatever mess there is in Iraq is not because of George Bush, most of his administration (less the US State Department), but because of people like you, Zinni, the media and the most of the Left and its Democrat captives, who are salivating at the possibility that garbage cans full of lies and distortions might put them back on throne. Zinni you can only fool the fools. Unfortunately, there seems to be a growing number of fools.

OK, enough about Zinni; I have already devoted more than enough time to him and his cohorts. Now what?

It is way past the time when many Jews and Israelis (especially those on the Left and Israeli leadership) have to struggle out of their comfortable slumber and shake off the textbook dreams that appeasing most world leaders, and especially many in the Arab world, will bring them security and peace.

The first step in self-preservation is to identify your threats or the problem by becoming more capable of discriminating (oops, not so politically correct) between those who are really on your side and those who are not, despite the abundant sweet talk and the smoke and mirror promises. Certainly, you do not want to allow yourself to once again get painted into a corner by sweet-talking diplomats selling peace proposals that favor the enemy and leave your security in doubt (unless you are the vanquished). These fantasy driven, fame and fortune, peace plans have already cost to many Israeli lives to make them worth more than a moment's consideration (just long enough to toss them in the trash).

You will also want to be very cautious about unilateral withdrawals from disputed lands that promise, once again, to be "steps" towards peace in the region; these steps are more like an escalator that switches direction at the whim of the enemy's needs and the self-interest of various world leaders and organizations. No sooner had the US made some withdrawal/peace gestures to the Islamofacists in Iraq (Faluja, Najaf), it became evident that deals with these Islamic thugs were less reliable than striking a bargain with the devil. Of course, we all know too well where Israel's repeated peace efforts led.

If it is war that your enemy wants, then give them a war that will make them think twice. If not, they will learn that terror and war are workable means to address their frequent sleight-of-hand grievances, and the means by which they might achieve their lofty goals (the Islamicization of the Middle East and the world). Most of all, remember that peacemaking with the Islamofacists of the world is not like a marital conflict that can be addressed simply by applying typical theories and practices of conflict resolution found in the offices of the psychotherapist, or in the auditoriums that sport positive and egalitarian oriented seminars.