Stuck Between Iraq and a Hard Place

Have you noticed the pictures of those raving masses shouting "jihad" in the evening news? Those are not faces of rational people. You cannot sit down and reason with a seventh century mentality. These people live to die. Their cult is one of martyrdom.

Arlene Peck

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Those of you who have been reading my articles over the past several years may recall my mantra that Israel is a canary in the window. It was only a matter of time before they came after us in the United States. A funny thing happened on the way to Baghdad. We in the United States, discovered that we have more in common with the Jewish state than we'd previously thought.

Now that our soldiers are being picked off like pigeons on a daily basis, we don't seem to be quite as "politically correct" as we used to be. Amazingly, I'm reading the word "terrorists" when it comes to the savages who think pulling out tongues or cutting off hands preferable behavior when it comes to their enemies. Not so long ago, the American public would react to the daily terrorist attacks in Israel with the attitude of "Ho-hum ... well, the Israelis must have done something to tick them off. Can't everybody just get along?"

Now, we're discovering that no, we just can't get along. Israel's and America's enemies are the same and they are barbarians. Muslim culture is rife with elements of violence and hate, and folks who just don't 'get it' when it comes to negotiation or logical treatment. Have you noticed the pictures of those raving masses shouting "jihad" in the evening news? Those are not faces of rational people. You cannot sit down and reason with a seventh century mentality. These people live to die. Their cult is one of martyrdom.

I've been there. I covered wars in Beirut, first in June of 82 and again in 93. American soldiers in Iraq are fighting an enemy that doesn't understand the concept of fighting fair. They do, however, understand power. The same ones who cheered from the rooftops in Gaza during the Gulf War, are the very same who strive to dance on the graves (after first mutilating the bodies) of the Americans in Iraq.

I wonder, if our State Department will call for restraint after this latest fiasco where these same terrorists downed a helicopter and killed sixteen American solders. I found it amazing that the LA Times
referred to these beasts as "Resistance fighters."

Sadly, it's taken the American public a daily dose of what Israel experiences daily to realize just how evil and destructive the enemy is. Have you noticed that the outcry about Israel's 'surgically targeted killings' is not so pronounced lately. I thought that it was going to take frequent bombings in Starbucks and Bloomingdales to get our attention - maybe not. I, however, am a big believer of 'do unto your enemies before they do unto you.'

The Jews cannot expect help from 'the world.' Only recently the Malaysian Prime Minister spoke from the pulpit at the Islamic Summit. He spouted anti-Semitic remarks at length, and was given a standing ovation by fifty-seven world leaders. So, let's not count on help from 'the world'.
The world has never come to the aid of the Jewish people before and it
is up to Israel's leaders not to be 'politically correct' but to do what they must.

Amazing, though, how quiet we, in America, have gotten about Israel's killing of Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders while minimizing collateral damage, but not letting that damage stop them. Do Could it have something to do with Americans seeing the same vicious and barbaric behavior from the savages in Iraq who are conducting themselves like the Palestinian Arabs we once so defended? Maybe now, however, America's leaders won't be so quick to differentiate between Islamic terrorism and Israel's right to defend herself...

It's ironic that Islam's craziness seems to know no bounds. And, maybe I've been living in Southern California so long that I think in terms of karma. Paris got it when they pandered to the Arabs for their money years ago. Now, the Parisians have virtually lost their identity and I truly believe that the Islamic fundamentalists will, within a few years have the Parisian women wearing Burqas as the latest compulsory style.

Now, car bombers are bombing the international Red Cross headquarters along with police stations across Baghdad, and somehow the Red Cross and the rest of the world seem surprised. After all, the French have spent the past few decades defending the Palestinians as the poor down-trodden people under the occupation of the big, bad Israelis. So how could that be? And how could these homicide terrorist use ambulances as their latest form or weaponry? Incidentally, wasn't that the very same way the Israelis were attacked and the Red Cross rushed to dispute that Arabs would do such a thing?

Again, to my way of thinking, it's all karma. The naive and anti-Semitic world rush out to defend these soulless people because they don't think they are treated fairly. Yet it seems to have finally hit us that "Whoa, these people don't play by our rules;" those rules being that in war you're prohibited from targeting civilians. In their evil minds, the helpless are the very ones that the Arabs seek. I'm interested to see what the reaction of the Red Cross will be now, and whether they plan to continue their policy of defending terrorists.

As dense as we have been, it just might be sinking in that we are in a war far greater than a war against terrorism. We are fighting a war against a deeply ingrained ideology that the Arabs have been nurturing for generations. A belief that the core of their problems - poverty, illiteracy and rationality ? stems not from their having been brainwashed since birth, and nurtured on hate instead of acquiring education or given job skills. They truly believe the fault lies with "the Great Satan of America and the Little Satan of Israel." The Judeo -Christian basis of our society is an affront to their belief. They believe the only cure would be the destruction of our society and all their problems would go away.

The nation of Islam has long since lost any semblance of reality and is methodically steering the world into World War III.