Our leaders must speak up against the destruction of the family

What will be the other damages that pro LGTB organizations [funded by the New Israel Fund to the tune of $32.7 million in 2018] will cause to the Jewish people?

Abraham Chicheportiche

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There is a serious threat in Israel - one which wants to destroy the family, essential pillar of Judaism and about which we must open the debate and the struggle.

The face of our society has been changed, over the past ten years - transformed, blurring the boundaries of what is normal and threatening the transmission of Jewish values.

We see a range of tolerated ideas in the public and political arena, whereas they were intolerable for centuries.

Many ultra-scared politicians, unwilling to appear too extreme to occupy or retain public office in the current climate, are silent. 

Without anyone noting it, especially in the media, let me remind you of a small number of events [partial list] that have taken place over the last decade.

• In 2009, the National Insurance Institute paid birth fees to a homosexual couple for the first time.

• In 2010, the court ruled that a man could adopt his partner's biological son.

• In 2012, the court ruled that two women could be considered biological mothers

• In 2013, the Attorney General determined that a father's biological partner would be considered a adoptive parent even without a regular adoption process.

• In 2014, the Ministry of the Interior began issuing identity cards containing two fathers or two mothers.

• In 2015, a bill was proposed to recognize same-sex couples as bereaved families.

• In 2016, the Knesset celebrated LGBT Day for the first time.

• Since 2017, the Ministry of Education has started funding LGBT activities in schools at a cost of NIS 1,500,000 per year. [425.902 USD]

• In 2018, the Ministry of Education approves the installation of LGTB flags in schools and authorizes a conference at Bar Ilan University on 'Polyamour' [the practice or desire for intimate relationships with more than one partner, with the consent of all relevant partners.]

• In 2019, the military changed the official registration of father and mother to parent 1 and parent 2 in official documents.

• In 2019, the Israeli High Court issued an order directing the Ministry of the Interior to issue a birth certificate to a child named after his two fathers.

Radical liberal ideology is a very serious threat that must be challenged. The haredi and religious Zionist Knesset members must join together to put this issue high on their agenda for the next Knesset term.

A survey conducted this week by the Institute of Geomapping for the Noam party presents unequivocal results regarding the preference of Israelis for the continuation of their family and the future of their children.

To all journalists, I challenge you.

Try to predict the future and tell us what you think

What will be the other damages that pro LGTB organizations [funded by the New Israel Fund with $ 32.7 million in 2018] will cause to the Jewish people?

This is an ex Likudnik who speaks to you and all this without reminding you of the following:

• 28,000 illegal Arab structures in Area C [Regavim]

• Jews expelled from Amona in March 2018

• The illegal Arab camp of Khan al Ahmar which has still not been evacuated despite the decision of the Supreme Court of 24 May 2018.

• Private Elior Azaria Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

• Thousands of acres of forest and farmland destroyed by Hamas since March 2018

Even if the country progresses in all areas, be they economic, medical, military, scientific or otherwise, we are not allowed to ignore the loss of moral bearings - Our Torah.

As said by Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook:

“I don't speak because I have the power to speak; I speak because I don't have the power to remian silent”