Bimbo madness on '60 Minutes'

Another attempt by the media to nitpick Trump out of office and with Russia fading – send in the porn stars.

Jack Engelhard,

OpEds Trump effigy in Gaza
Trump effigy in Gaza
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No place to go but up after journalism reached rock-bottom from Sunday night’s “60 Minutes,” which featured “Adult Film Star” Stormy Daniels who spent 30 Minutes accusing President Trump of…what? I need help from the millions of Americans who watched the broadcast, because I missed the point, and still do.

America waited all week for this spectacular. It was a dud, like Geraldo’s caper about Al Capone’s treasure vault.

We learned nothing, other than yet another attempt by the media to nitpick Trump out of office and with Russia fading – send in the porn stars.

We did learn that something did or did not happen one night way before he ran for office, so what’s the big deal? She herself says she was no victim; it was consensual, if it was anything at all. Boys like girls and girls like boys and even if it’s out of order, stuff happens. This is not news. We’ve said this before – sex is nothing. Temptation is everything. It’s in all the books, including mine.

Last night’s target was Trump – as it is every night – and this citizen did not vote for him in search of virtuous perfection, but for his qualities as a leader. He has delivered. Tell me he is flawed and I will tell you that Martin Luther King Jr. was also imperfect, known for his many dalliances – read what last year’s JFK Papers have to say—but in no way does that diminish his greatness.

Big men have big appetites and great men are known to stumble and sin but we tend to forgive them so long as they produce, excel and win our hearts and wars.

So we grant them their weaknesses because among the high and mighty there are no saints, only winners and losers.

Trump is a winner and if he is also a sinner, I don’t care. So long as he keeps America secure and Israel safe, his business is his business, not mine.

This much I got from Sunday’s program. Anderson Cooper did not merely interview the porn actress. He coached her. He deferred to her as if she were Mother Theresa.

Despite the hype, we still don’t know what happened in 2006. That’s the year, she says, she and Trump made whoopee – one night.

So why are we talking about something that maybe happened 12 years ago…and I say maybe because considering the business she’s in – can they really tell apart one partner from another?

Maybe it wasn’t Trump – he says it wasn’t – but we are talking about it because by hook or by crook they are out to get him, even by means of X-rated material, which embarrassed CBS more than it did Trump; the program stooped that low. Cooper kept prompting to make her believable, but if I did not believe her, I doubt if she fared any better with women –[- who can see straight through another woman better than any man.

Megyn Kelly, to whom I was quite fair in “News Anchor Sweetheart,” gave it a go a while earlier when on her NBC program she brought on three Trump accusers, but that fell flat because…

Because America is catching on to this entire merry-go-round of deceit and we want it to stop for the good of the country.  

New York-based bestselling American novelist Jack Engelhard writes regularly for Arutz Sheva.

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