Filtration of terror

Separation is not enough.

Prof. Alan Friedlander

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מחסום צה"ל
The Prime Minister's office pledged to catch the most recent murderer, by now probably not the one I meant when this was written. But to fully police terror, there should not just be a policy to avenge it, but to prevent it as well. Not merely in the failed ways of the past. Build a wall, hide behind it, try to catch anyone going over it, chase down anybody you miss.

There is potential temptation to rest on accomplishments, as the current method in preventing terror has a 99 percent success rate. But as good as that may sound, and as heroic every such success is, it has still meant 30 murdered Israelis, in the past 3 months alone. By implementing the proper filtration of terrorists, the violence could come to a standstill.

One of those buried this week is slain mother of 6, Daphna Meir, who was brutally murdered in front of 3 of her children. The stabbing terrorist tried to go after her daughter next, but the blade became stuck, and then with a heroic effort she shoved the door shut against the man and locked him out of her house, before bleeding out before her screaming children, saving them from directly sharing in her fate.

We pray that God will avenge her blood. But we must not be fatalistic about that blood. We must not create vigilantes by being passive against innocent bloodshed when action is sorely needed. Do not say in a que sera, sera spirit, that this cannot be helped. Let the vivid sacrifice of Daphna, Shlomit and the other martyrs awaken you. Humble yourself from what you thought you knew about security, and ask how this can be stopped. 

Don't discuss political capitulation. That is how Labor governments became codependents to terror in the past. Besides, there is no more illusion that it could even be an option.

Now let the illusion, that the security status quo is good enough, also depart. 

Forget about saying, "You can't fault 99 percent success." Yes, you can fault it; 30 times in the past few months alone, you can only criticize.

The case of Daphna Meir's murder highlights this glaring reality. This was not a terrorist tunnel assault. It was a guest worker in her home town. He was there WITH CONSENT of current Israeli security measures. Things must change. They undoubtedly will. But it must be without bureaucratic delays and in the right manner.

One such option is the method that I wrote of as a part of the Everyone Wins peace plan. A terrorist filter would have to weigh:

" and acceptable probabilities. ...For those who are less of a risk but still a gray area, we consider a system of acceptable probabilities of loyalty. Acceptable probabilities are the expertise of actuaries and similar specialists. Just as credit card companies have a method to determine one's credit score and probable trust ratio, the same process can be held for people who are trustworthy enough to reach this level of appraisal." 

If not flag waving, Zionist loving loyalty, at least law abiding fidelity must be ensured of any guest worker, OR THEY DON'T WORK HERE! 

The bitter consequences of failure to implement such a protocol are now all too obvious. But the key is that the leaders of Israel not keep looking in the wrong direction to fix things. 

This dilemma in no way calls for a political capitulation nor does it call for a military assault, but simply for preventative police action. That should be the easiest of options, but only if the Knesset looks at it that way. May it soon be so, by the grace of God.