Abbas’ Suicide Belt Blows Up PA Lies

Try to imagine how the world would exist without Israel and with Frankenstein – or Mohammed –as your leader.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Arutz 7

The biggest lies since Holocaust denial are being blown up, bit by bit, by the Arab world’s stooge, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Yasser Arafat, his predecessor, figuratively used the pistol on his hip to shoot the PA in its head and blow up the Oslo Accords into the Oslo War in 2000.

Abbas, whose doctoral thesis supported Holocaust denial, stepped into his shoes, dressed like a diplomat instead of a terrorist and is carrying a diplomatic suicide belt that strikes at the heart of the Palestinian Authority.

His ammunition is donated by his Arab superiors, particularly those in Saudi Arabia, where its “2002 Peace Initiative” has become the constitution for Abbas' conditions to create the Palestinian Authority as a new Arab country within Israel’s borders.

Palestinian Authority media have clearly destroyed the lie that Abbas would recognize the “pre-1967 borders” of Israel – Jewish or not. The PA considers these borders as temporary and that all of Israel actually is “Palestine.”

The lie that Abbas and the Arab world want a two-state solution also unravels with the demand of the “right of return,” a Guinness Book of Records clincher for the most ridiculous 1984 doublespeak term ever created. Arabs whose second to fifth generation relatives lived in Israel before 1948 have a right to live in Israel just as much as descendants of Pilgrims who fled Englan to live in the 13 Colonies have the right to claim the United Kingdom as their home.

The influx of several million Arabs to Israel obviously would be the end of a Jewish state, but Abbas bared another lie of “co-existence” last week when he told the world that a future Palestinian Authority will be free of Jews.

World leaders have accepted the gross slander of “Israeli apartheid,” but Abbas has blown up that lie with his “Judenrein” policy in a classic case of the liar covering up his sins by casting them on others.

An Arab-dominated Israel suits the Arab Middle East; it only would be a matter of time that the “Jewish problem” would be solved in a nice, neat diplomatic fashion, without the need for gas chambers.

The ploy of going to the United Nations for unilateral recognition leaves the Palestinian Authority’s true ambitions naked even to American policy-makers in the State Department’s Foggy Bottom and European turn-the-other-cheek nations.

Even the mainstream media, although it still clings with eroding bare threads to its ”blame Israel’ bias, has stopped believing in the “peace process,” and Abbas has exposed it as a façade for the annihilation of the State of Israel.

He has thrown dust in the eyes of Western leaders, who for decades have slept easier by seeing the purpose of the existence of Israel as satisfying their guilty conscience for burying the truth during the Holocaust, and now for letting the world sink into a morass that recalls the generations of the Tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah.

The vacuum of true Judaic values outside of Israel has been an incubator for the Arab world’s lies, nurtured by mainstream media and ignorant Christian – and Jewish – leaders.

Abbas, in the name of his Saudi masters and Muslim clerics, has revealed that a new Arab state cannot be created unless it lays the groundwork for the destruction of Israel.

Try to imagine how the world would exist without Israel and you have Frankenstein – or Mohammed – as your leader.

It may be too late for European countries to stop the Islamic Caliphate in their countries, but Abbas’ detonation of Arab lies and of the Palestinian Authority itself is waking up the Obama administration that truth conquers all.

Maybe we should thank G-d for Abbas.