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News and updates about IHH

IHH Flotilla Springs a Leak

A new Gaza-bound flotilla originally set for May by the Turkish IHH organization has been postponed.

IHH Flotilla Springs a Leak

Report: Flotilla 2 Might Go Thru

Israel working to stop the new 'freedom flotilla' and airplane, but reports say it might just let the boats go through after security check.

Report: Israel Might Just Let Second Flotilla Pass Through

IHH Organizing Another Flotilla

The people who brought you last year’s Turkish IHH ill-fated anti-Israel convoy to Gaza are organizing another one – this time with an airplane.

IHH Organizing Another Flotilla - This Time with an Airplane

Moves To Stop IHH Flotilla II

Israel's Foreign Ministry is reportedly working to stop a second IHH flotilla headed for Gaza in May. Organizers: Mavi Marmara will be flagship.

Israel Working To Stop Second IHH Flotilla To Gaza

Turkish IHH Still Incites

Group that directed 'Free Gaza' flotilla is at the forefront of anti-Israeli hate campaign.

Turkish IHH Continues to Lead Incitement Drive

ISM Supported Terrorism

Stuidy: ISM hindered the IDF in the Second Intifada, helps Hamas in Gaza, promotes anti-Israel hate propaganda worldwide. US turns blind eye.

Study: ISM Working to Destroy Israel, Supports Terorism

Mavi Marmara to Set Sail Again

Ship which participated in flotilla will be returning to Istanbul later this month and is scheduled to once again set sail towards Gaza next May.

Mavi Marmara to Set Sail Again

Ahmadinejad to Fund Erdogan

Iran's Ahmadinejad will fund Turkish PM Erdogan in his bid for reelection, to the dismay of the West, reports the Daily Telegraph.

Report: Ahmadinejad to Back Erdogan's Bid for Reelection

IHH Member Previously Terrorist

IHH activist wounded on Mavi Marmara participated in 1996 attack on Russian ferry in the Black Sea.

Flotilla Member Participated In Past Terror Attacks

IDF Chief: We Didn't Know Enough

IDF Chief Gen. Ashkenazi praises and takes full responsibility for army’s actions aboard Turkish flotilla ship.

IDF Chief: We Didn't Know Enough About Turkish IHH

Italian MPs: IHH a Terror Group

MPs in Rome call to consider an EU ban on the Turkish group IHH, which was behind the violent clash aboard a Gaza-bound flotilla.

Italian MPs Call to Ban IHH in Europe

IHH May Earn 'Terrorist' Label

The Turkish IHH group, whose members clashed with IDF soldiers in May, may be designated a terrorist organization in the US.

Flotilla Group IHH May Earn 'Terrorist' Designation in US

Germany Bans IHH as Terrorists

Germany in effect vindicated Israel by outlawing the IHH “charity” group whose Turkish branch attacked Israeli Navy commandoes on the high seas.

German Bans IHH Terrorist Group; European Jews Urge EU to Follow

Senate to Obama: Stand w/ Israel

An overwhelming majority of the US Senate has signed a letter to President Obama encouraging him to stand strongly behind Israel.

87 Senators Tell Obama: Stand Behind Israel!

On Jewish Protestor Who Lost Eye

Emily Henochowicz, who lost eye while protesting against Israel, was holding Turkish flag – before full extent of Turkish provocation was learned.

On Jewish Protestor Who Lost Eye

IHH Foe of Israel and Chechnya

The Muslim country of Chechnya is looking to Israel for help in understanding how to fight a common enemy – IHH terrorists.

IHH Terrorists Are Common Enemy of Chechnya and Israel

Sen. Schumer Demands IHH Probe

New York Sen. Schumer has added his voice to growing cries for a probe on whether flotilla sponsor IHH is a terrorist group.

Sen. Schumer Demands Probe of IHH-Terror Links. EJC Wants More.

Israeli Media Dropped the Ball

Voice of Israel's ex-director Yoni Ben-Menachem says that better Israeli coverage before the flotilla arrived could have revealed ambush.

Leading Journalist: Israeli Media Dropped the Ball

EU Jews Try to Prevent 2nd Clash

Reactions to Gaza flotilla clash continue: European Union Jews work to prevent a second round, South Africa condemns Israel.

EU Jews Work to Prevent Second Clash; SA Recalls Ambassador

Radical Islam Behind Flotilla

TurkishIHH, the force behind the Gaza flotilla, has a radical Islamic anti-Western orientation and a history of fund-raising for Hamas.

Radical Islam Behind the Flotilla Organizers