Yochai Avni
Yochai Avnicourtesy

Yochai Avni (40), the dog handler from the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) who was found murdered in his apartment on Monday, was laid to rest on Wednesday.

Orli, Avni's mother, eulogized him. "My dear son Yochai, you left us prematurely without the chance to say goodbye. About a week ago we met in the Ofer prison. We know that the last thing you wanted in your life was to be in the headlines. You were so humble. Happiness went everywhere you were. You loved to savor the moment, which you mostly expressed through photographing nature. You didn't look for happiness in other places. You leave us a legacy of giving. You were and will be a hidden angel."

Avni's sisters also paid tribute to him. "Big brother, how could you left us out of nowhere. A beautiful boy who always gave everything to everyone. You had a big heart. Watch over us from above. You were too good. In a world where everyone wants more and more, you remained modest."

National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir said, "Yochai, you were dear to us all. We are accompanying you today on your last journey. I heard about you. About the pleasantness of your ways, about your love and devotion. About the special and wonderful person you were."

IPS Commissioner Kobi Yaakobi said that "the disaster came suddenly and we all stand there shocked by the intensity of the pain that cut off the fuse of Yochai's life. Yochai spent his life in prison service, 17 years. He was loyal to Zionist values and acted to ensure public peace. In the last prison where Ofer served."

"In all of his roles, he acted with dedication and professionalism. Yochai was a man of the land and loved the country. From the photography of nature. He had a deep connection to his family and his people. When a piece of scum broke into Yochai's home ... Yohai fought back until the end."