Hamas terrorists in prison
Hamas terrorists in prisonChaim Goldberg/Flash90

The military prosecutor's office is preparing to file an indictment in the coming days against a reservist for abusing Gazan detainees.

According to Kan, the events were discovered about a month ago, when commanders at the detention facility in Sde Teiman noticed severe signs of violence and injuries on the bodies of detainees from Gaza after their return to the facility. The commanders contacted the military police, who opened an investigation.

Three soldiers were arrested, two of whom were released after about two weeks. One of them, the main suspect, has been in custody since the beginning of the investigation for more than a month. The soldier admitted to some of the violent incidents he is suspected of.

Military police investigators also found videos that the soldier filmed himself on his mobile device, in which he is seen hitting detainees while they are sitting handcuffed on a bus using his fists and his weapon.

In light of the abundant evidence collected so far, it seems that with the conclusion of the investigation, the military prosecutor's office will file an indictment against the main suspect.