Avidan Beit Yaakov with his son Roy, was killed in friendly fire
Avidan Beit Yaakov with his son Roy, was killed in friendly fireCourtesy of the family

Chairman of the Samaria community of Eli, Avidan Beit Yaakov, father of Captain Roy Beit Yaakov, met yesterday (Tuesday) with combat soldiers who were involved in the incident in which his son was killed by friendly fire in northern Gaza about two months ago.

“‘Am Yisrael Chai', we met today with the soldiers who were involved in the friendly fire incident, in which Roy and his soldiers were killed. Salt of the earth! Wonderful people," Beit Yaakov wrote in his Facebook account.

He commented that, "So much courage is needed on the battlefield, but how much courage is needed to meet the parents of those who were killed in such an incident. I fought together with the company commander in Khan Yunis. I know who he is. Roy wrote about him on WhatsApp two days before he was killed, 'I believe that he is the best commander we had.'"

"We were happy to meet the soldiers and they were happy to meet us. This is the only way we will win. We must be happy for each other, even in the most difficult situations, where we are responsible for both failures and mistakes. This is how we take responsibility. We don't go back, we don't walk out in the middle of a war – we look at reality straight on, maybe shed a tear. We garner courage and look into each other's eyes," Beit Yaakov added.

"You combat soldiers, we love you just as we loved Roy's soldiers and we do not have an iota of anger in us. Keep on fighting – we will win, together," he concluded.