Uri Geller
Uri GellerHadas Parush/Flash90

British-Israeli magician Uri Geller recently told the Jerusalem Post that he had played a part in the defense against the Iranian UAV attack on Israel in April.

“I can’t go into detail because the operation was classified, but I played a part in bringing down the Iranian drones that attacked Israel in April. I can't go into detail, but it is a fact. Of course it's the IAF who did an unbelievable job, but there were some systems I was involved with. I cannot say anything further."

It has so far been confirmed that air defense forces from Israel, America, Britain, France, and Jordan played a role in stopping the Iranian attack. The operation was considered by Israel to be both a military and diplomatic success. Israeli sources have since stated that 99% of the Iranian UAVs and missiles were intercepted, and that other countries had been involved but wished their participation to be clandestine only.

Among the way the air defense system was honored for its work, three senior figures in the aerospace engineering industry were named to light a bonfire on Yom Ha'atzmaut under the title 'The Shield'.

Geller has in the past taken credit for other major events in the Middle East, including freeing a cargo ship that blocked the Suez Canal in 2021.