Uri Geller

Israeli illusionist Uri Geller has launched his own micronation on a Scottish island he owns, and is asking the public to become citizens.

The 75-year old magician best known for his signature spoon bending and claims of psychic abilities, bought Lamb Island in 2009.

"I always wanted to own an island, be like James Bond," Geller told the BBC in an interview.

Now his fans can also own a piece of the island, as its citizens.

For $1, Geller is offering the public a chance to become citizens of his new microstate, with all profits going to Israeli charity Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), which cares for children with heart conditions.

"Lamb is a place like no other, and it deserves its own identity. This is a fitting way to do it,” Geller said.

He called Lamb "possibly the most mystical island in the world.” The island is shrouded in myth, including claiming a connection to the supposed burial site of Celtic King Arthur who fought the Saxons in the 5th and 6th century.

Geller explained that citizenship in the uninhabited island will be merely symbolic.

The island has a constitution, which states that it has a “special friendship towards witches” and also a “special friendship towards peaceful extraterrestrials.”

It also boasts that it offers “eternal sanctuary” to those who were put through witchcraft trials in the past.

The island’s flag contains a pyramid symbolizing the Jewish exodus from Egypt in the 13th century BCE. It also has an alef on it, which is the first letter of Geller’s first name in Hebrew, and a hey and a shin, Hebrew letters standing for the name of G-d. It also includes a symbol representing Geller’s home town of Tel Aviv.