Tzvi Succot and Limor Son Har-Melech
Tzvi Succot and Limor Son Har-MelechNoam Moskowitz, Knesset Spokesperson

MKs Limor Sohn Har-Melekh (Otzma Yehudit) and Tzvi Succot (Religious Zionism) will lobby in the Knesset "for the return to the Gaza Strip.”

The lobby will be launched on Tuesday in the Negev Hall of the Knesset, in the presence of ministers, Knesset members, security personnel, and representatives of the Jewish settlement movement.

It was reported that "the lobby aims to promote the vision of renewed Jewish settlement in Gaza. After the withdrawal from Gaza 19 years ago and the increased terrorism that followed, the lobby regards Jewish settlement in Gaza Jewish presence in Gaza as a necessity to protect Israel's security and ensure its future. Only through the dense presence of Jewish settlements throughout Gaza will we be able to prevent the continuation of terrorist threats and deter the enemy. The lobby will work to raise awareness of this issue and mobilize support for this vital move."

It was stated in an announcement ahead of the meeting that, "Members of the lobby perceive its establishment as an additional necessary step to put pressure on Hamas to release the hostages, with the understanding that if Hamas realizes that, in addition to losing control in Gaza, it is also on its way to losing land in Gaza, it will be pushed into a corner and agree to the release of the hostages."

MK Tzvi Succot emphasized that only a Jewish presence would bring security. Only when Jewish children are playing in Gaza, will the Nukhba terrorists realize that they have lost. This call and settlement in Gaza will also promote the release of the hostages because we need to act against Hamas on two dimensions, military and civil. On the military level, we have already been working overtime since October 7. On the civil level, we need to take action and make them lose land. When they realize that they are losing control of Gaza and losing the land of Gaza, they will be ready to release hostages without imposing conditions that pose a threat to the existence of the State of Israel."

MK Limor Sohn Har-Melekh added: "Today everyone understands the clear truth – without a Jewish presence, there is no security. If we do not plant deep Jewish roots in the land of Gaza, the enemy will continue to expand the range of its attacks and threaten us again and again. The only thing that will define our sense of victory towards our enemies will be when they see our presence in Gaza, and when they see that the places from which they sowed killing and destruction are being filled with blooming and growing Jewish settlements. Without Jewish presence, not only the residents of the Gaza Envelope but also the residents of the north and other parts of the country will never feel safe. This is a cruel verdict that we must not leave to future generations. Only this way can we build a safe and protected national home here for generations."