At a tribute event held by Binyamin Regional Council for dozens of donors and friends, participants were enthralled to see the video reconstruction of the attack in the Dolev region that claimed the life of an IDF soldier, and to witness how their donations contribute in a concrete fashion to the defense of the residents.

Over NIS 15 million have been raised by the council from donors in the US and Canada since the outbreak of Swords of Iron War, and have reinforced the security mechanisms in the Binyamin towns, as well as their preparedness for emergency situations. Binyamin Governor Israel Ganz, the council’s international desk staff and Binyamin Fund representatives are in constant contact with the friends who assisted in the recent purchase of large generators that were distributed to the blocks of communities, and in the purchase of security equipment such as advanced drones, that are bolstering the defense of communities in Binyamin.

At the tribute event, International Desk Director Eliana Passentin thanked the donors for their partnership and Governor Ganz shared with them some of the challenges Binyamin residents and communities are facing, on the background of the emergency situation in Israel.

The International Desk and the Media and Advocacy Department prepared a video reconstruction of the handling of the sniper attack at the Horseshoe Intersection in western Binyamin about three months ago. While viewing the video the donors were excited to see how the security equipment purchased thanks to their generosity actively assists in resolving security incidents.

“We have the great privilege of being partners with you in the building of the towns in Binyamin. Thank you for connecting with us and enabling us to be a part of all this. We are one big people and we are with you in this war. I am happy that I have been able to help the defense of the towns in Binyamin,” said one of the participants at the tribute event.