Newly released video footage shows the heroism of Aner Shapira, an off-duty IDF soldier who tossed back hand grenades that were thrown by Hamas terrorists inside a crowded bomb shelter in which he and other were hiding.

Shapira, 22, attended the music festival in Re’im on October 7, when it was attacked by Hamas terrorists.

Shapira and a group of other attendees fled to a bomb shelter in Kibbutz Re’im. Shapira stood near the entrance of the shelter in order to protect the roughly 30 people inside, his mother told Kan 11 News.

A four-minute dashcam video posted on Tuesday by South First Responders shows the terrorists repeatedly tossing a grenade into the shelter, while firing a rocket-propelled grenade at the structure as well as spraying it with bullets.

As they do so, Shapira tosses seven of the unexploded grenades back at the terrorists as they run for cover.

The eighth grenade caused Shapira fatal injuries, but not before he was able to save the lives of at least seven people who had taken refuge inside the bomb shelter.