Rocket fragment in the yard of a private home
Rocket fragment in the yard of a private homeSderot municipality

A fragment from a rocket from Tuesday's barrage were discovered Wednesday in the yard of a home in the city of Sderot in southern Israel.

The discovery follows a direct hit to a home by a different rocket on Tuesday evening.

Speaking with Kan News, Yossi Ohayon, whose home was hit by the rocket, said, "We heard an air raid siren at 1:30 in the morning, and afterwards I heard two loud booms. My wife said it was close by, she's really paranoid. So I told her that everything is okay and then the kids woke up crying."

Yossi's wife Neta added, "I saw scene which I had never dreamed I'd see in my lifetime: a rocket in my home. I saw a lot of stones, I was afraid to walk out, and in the pool there was a very large fragment of a rocket."

Yossi added that in his opinion, it is a miracle that the rockets were not launched in the middle of the day, while his children were playing in the pool.

"I would be willing to leave the city, but my wife isn't," he said.

On Tuesday, the Home Front Command gave approval to hold large cultural events in the city, lifting Monday's ban on events, which was issued due to fears that Gaza terror groups would launch rockets in retaliation for the counterterror operation in Jenin.