Border Police officer (illustrative)
Border Police officer (illustrative)Flash 90

The Division for the Investigation of Police officers has submitted to the Jerusalem District Court an indictment against Border Police officer Mohammad Hamza, who stole and sold police weapons.

According to the indictment, Hamza joined the Border Police two years ago, and served at the base in Atarot.

Hamza had access to police equipment, weapons, and ammunition as part of his job, and he used this access to steal, on a number of occasions, police weaponry such as stun grenades and night-vision equipment.

In one case, Hamza even turned to an officer he knew and asked him to steal nine-millimeter bullets, while telling him, "Try to bring something...what did you enlist for?"

In some of the cases, he sold the weapons in exchange for monetary payment. He also would turn to various sources, attempting to make weapons deals with them, including for the police weapons.

According to the indictment, Hamza fired weapons in built-up areas or near people, in some of the cases recording his shootings and sharing the footage with those close to him. In addition, he used drugs, in some cases while on base.

The indictment charges Hamza with crimes of selling weapons, attempting to sell weapons, carrying weapons, possession of ammunition, theft, theft by a public servant, attempts to pressure into other weapons deals, attempts to make other deals for weapons, firing with live fire, connections to crime, and use and possession of a dangerous drug for personal use.

The Division for Investigation of Police Officers has requested the court order that Hamza remain under arrest until the completion of legal proceedings against him.