The prayers outside the Arab village
The prayers outside the Arab villageAchiya Lorenzi

Dozens of residents from Eli and the Shiloh bloc in the Binyamin region held a morning prayer service at the entrance to Luban, a Palestinian Authority Arab village adjacent to their towns, in response to an uptick in stone-throwing attacks by the village locals.

Ariel Almaliach, the town director of Eli, stated following the service, "The residents of Luban must understand the stone which they throw at us will get them back. If our daily routine is affected, their daily routine will be affected all the more so."

We will protect our wives and children who, day in and day out, are threatened by terrorists from the village who throw stones. We will not allow the blood of Eli residents to be free."

The demonstration organizer Yitzhak Zukerman emphasized: "We are sick of feeling like sitting ducks, yesterday and two days ago, residents of the area were hit by stones here. If we can't live a normal life, then nor will the Palestinians. The school, which is on the road and teaches incitement on a daily will not open at a normal time as long as they continue to throw rocks."