In Parashat Emor, we dive into the mo'adim, our special holidays, but something seems off. After detailing each holiday, the Torah surprisingly shifts to command the bringing of olive oil for the menorah and the making of the holy bread for the shulchan (table).

This raises two intriguing questions: why is the Torah discussing the mo'adim here in Sefer Vayikra (the Book of Leviticus) when it doesn't even mention the sacrifices brought on the holidays? And why does it command these seemingly unrelated actions right after discussing the holidays??

Ultimately, this parsha (Torah portion) offers a profound lesson on how each of us can elevate ourselves and become better individuals by connecting with our values - as there's an incredible lesson to be learned from the Hebrew words the Torah teaches us here in relation to our "values."

Join us as we uncover the hidden meaning behind this fascinating portion of the Torah.