Minister Ben-Gvir in Taibeh
Minister Ben-Gvir in TaibehNational Security Minister's Office

Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir visited the scene of the murder in Taibeh where the mayor's security guard was shot dead last night.

"We see here a very difficult incident of the murder of a valuable security guard, who served in the IDF. I spoke with his family - the dear Ganem family, a family that served the State of Israel and serves the State of Israel. My heart is with them."

"I promised them both on behalf of the commissioner and on behalf of the district commander who is here, that we will do everything to catch the damned murderers," Ben-Gvir said.

"It should be said that this incident is not typical for Taibeh, thanks to the talented district commander and his talented team. This year there were no murders in Taibeh, compared to five murders last year. There is a significant improvement in Taibeh, but we still need to strive to solve all the murder incidents, especially this one, which is a particularly serious incident."

"It is so serious and it proves why I am so insistent on the budget cap for the police that we received, why I want to add 3,225 police officers to the Israel Police because we lack a lot of police officers, and why we need a National Guard."

"We must have a strong National Guard that will be in Taibeh, in Wadi Ara, in Lod, in Acre, the Negev and the Galilee and will respond to the residents who live here, will deal with those who charge protection from them, to the reality that spills over from the Arab sector to the Jewish sector and harms the personal security of all of us," he said.

"A few months ago, I agreed with Prime Minister Netanyahu that the ISA would enter into events of this type. I believe that the police, together with the ISA we brought in to investigate, will reach the killer."

"I can say one more thing. We must have the entire public here understand that there is one issue that everyone must unite on, to get the crime, the weapons, off the streets of the Arab communities. A few weeks ago we passed the gun law that will allow the police to enter every home to search for weapons."

"I am giving the tools to the police, I expect results and I also believe that with God's help we will get to the murderers very quickly, solve this and other incidents, and convey a very clear message, both in the Arab community and throughout the State of Israel."

The Mayor of Taibeh, Shuaa Mansour, hosted Minister Ben-Gvir in his home, and commented:

"I received you in my home because you are the minister in charge of my security and the security of the Arab citizens and not because you are Itamar Ben-Gvir. We have had enough slogans and populism, only actions will impress me," the mayor told him.

Ben-Gvir replied, "Your friends vote against the gun law and harm your children."