Rabbi David Yosef
Rabbi David YosefYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Rabbi David Yosef, a senior haredi rabbi and a member of the Shas party's Council of Torah Sages, has called for Jews of all sectors to respect each other.

During a Torah class, Rabbi Yosef said, "There are hasidic haredim, there are Sefardim, there are Lithuanian-haredim, there are Religious Zionists of various types. Every Jew who observes Torah and its commandments and follows the Torah leaders and those who fear Heaven, and who listen to their words, even if you think that his outlook is different - you must respect him."

"You should not look at what color a man's kippah (skullcap) is, that is not correct. You need to respect him."

Rabbi Yosef also noted that he gives classes in hesder yeshivas and high school yeshivas, even though there are differences in religious outlook between himself and them. He added that his father, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, would travel all the way to the Golan Heights, of his own initiative, to give a class in a hesder yeshiva there.

"We do not compromise on our outlook and our path, we will not move from it even a bit," he emphasized. "At the same time, we respect everyone. We need to aspire to unity of the hearts, first and foremost, within our camp."