The head of the Shomron Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, was a guest at the Israel National News studio on Tuesday, and called for a determined military operation to be launched against the Palestinian Authority, following the attack in which brothers Yagel and Hillel Yaniv from the town of Har Bracha were murdered.

"We are experiencing a difficult period while the right-wing government, which I fully support, is failing to turn things around," Dagan said. "The security failures cannot be repeated and a determined military operation must be launched against the terrorist infrastructure of the Palestinian Authority. It is the PA that is behind this terrorism more than Hamas. [PA chairman Mahmoud] Abbas is the one who should be afraid, not the residents," charged Dagan.

"It is precisely this government that needs to bring about a security change. The anger towards the government is now being realized. We expect deterrence to return with retaliations against these attacks," Dagan stressed.

"A new community should be established for every terror attack," stated the head of the Samaria Council. "The day Israel's ‘barbaric’ enemies see that for every murder there is a construction boom in the same place, they will stop distributing baklava in Jenin [in celebration of terrorist attacks]," he emphasized.

He called for the immediate establishment of the community of Evyatar, and pointed out that in the previous government Benny Gantz, the Minister of Defense at the time, supported its establishment.

Dagan praised Transportation Minister Miri Regev for promoting the Huwara Bypass Road, which could save Jews and significantly improve the security situation in the area. This is a road that is intended to connect the Tapuah junction to local towns through a detour that will run east of the Palestinian Arab village of Huwara, where Highway 60 passes.