Cabinet meeting
Cabinet meetingAmos Ben-Gershom/GPO

Many Israelis who voted for the Likud Party in the last elections believe that ministers from other parties have more power than ministers from the Likud, a poll published by Channel 12 News on Friday finds.

According to the data, 45% of Likud voters believe that Minister Itamar Ben Gvir, Minister Bezalel Smotrich and the ministers from the haredi parties have more influence than the Likud ministers. The poll shows that 41% believe that Likud ministers have a greater influence.

Another prominent statistic that emerges from the poll, which was conducted only among Likud voters, is that most of them believe that Aryeh Deri, who was appointed to the position of Minister in the Ministry of the Interior and as Minister of Health, is not worthy of the position. 53% of participants replied that Deri does not deserve to be a government minister, compared to 28% who believed that he does.

On the other hand, a significant majority among Likud voters support the judicial reforms introduced by Justice Minister Yariv Levin. 55% of respondents are in favor of the reforms while about 17% oppose them. 28% replied that they did not know.

On the question of how to proceed with the reforms, opinions are divided. 42% answered that legislation should be acted upon quickly in the Knesset, while 40% are interested in advancing the reforms by talking to the opposition and to the judiciary. 18% answered that they did not know.

The bottom line is that 67% of Likud voters indicated that they are satisfied with the government's conduct so far, while 26% answered that they were not satisfied. A solid majority of Likud voters are not concerned over Israel's future as a democratic state, with 77% of respondents having indicated that there is no fear that Israel will cease to be democratic.

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