Zehava Galon
Zehava GalonAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

Meretz party chairperson and former member of Knesset Zehava Galon filed a lawsuit on Sunday against designated minister MK Itamar Ben-Gvir (Otzma Yehudit) for the lies which, according to Galon, Ben-Gvir spread about her during the recent elections.

Galon is suing the Otzma Yehudit chairman for allegedly claiming that she threw rocks at IDF soldiers.

Ben-Gvir himself sued Galon for libel during the election cycle in response to her calling him "The only terrorist supporter in Knesset." Now Galon wishes to reject Ben-Gvir's suit against her.

Ben-Gvir claimed that Galon threw rocks at IDF soldiers, during an incident 20 years ago, according to Galon's lawyer the story is "false and slanderous."

The suit, submitted by attorneys Michal Sefarad and Alon Sapir, claims that Ben-Gvir disseminated a "False libel which was indented to slander and present Galon as one who acts violently against IDF soldiers, in bad faith and in a way that crosses every line, even to the low standards of the expressions made during the election cycle."

Last October Ben-Gvir submitted a suit for a sum of 300,000 NIS against Galon after he claimed that she published slander and lies on her social media accounts," and called him, among other things "The only terror supporter Knesset." In the suit, he claimed that the damage was worth "millions of shekels."