Mike Pence
Mike PenceReuters

Former Vice President Mike Pence said in a new interview that the positive response to his autobiography has been a “great source of encouragement” as he continues to consider whether to run for president in 2024.

"The fact that people are now getting to know me and my family, our faith, our conservative convictions better, has been a great source of encouragement as we think about the way forward and what our calling might be in the future," Pence told Fox News in New Hampshire.

Pence is on a national book tour promoting his memoir, which spans the length of his political career, including his time in the Trump White House.

The tour includes multiple signings in early primary states, such as New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, furthering talk that he intends to challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

Pence said in the interview that he will not make a decision until 2023, explaining that he and his family will it "give prayerful consideration" over the holidays.

"I truly do believe that the American people want to see us get back to the polices that we advanced in the Trump-Pence administration….that had America standing strong not only at home but abroad,” Pence said.

But he also had critical words for Trump. "I do sense that people want leadership that could unite our country around our highest ideals. Leadership that would show the same civility and respect that frankly the American people show to each other every day,” he said.

"I’m convinced more every day that the American people long for leadership that shows the respect and the civility,” he added.

Replying to a question about whether Trump is capable of uniting the country, Pence said: "I think that we’ll have better choices in 2024…I think we’re going into a different season where the American people would like to see leadership that could unite our country and demonstrate the kind of civility and respect they show each other every day."

Pence said that he had “confidence that Republican primary voters are going to sort it out” if the GOP field turns out to feature multiple big names.

"I think again and again throughout the history of our party and the history of this country, the wisdom and judgment of the American people has shined through, and I believe it will again,” Pence said.