Mirna Bennett
Mirna BennettChannel 12 News

Myrna Bennett, mother of former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, spoke about the lawsuit that her son filed against individuals who allegedly slandered him, including Rabbi Ronen Shaulov who claimed that she and her late husband are not Jews.

"My life is very interesting. Suddenly I'm not Jewish anymore," Myrna said sarcastically in an interview with Radio 103FM on Thursday and added: "When it first came out half a year ago, I was in shock. I thought about my parents who came to the US from Poland and Russia because of pogroms and half of their families stayed in the hands of the Nazis. Suddenly it happened to me in the beginning, I thought that it was something weird that would pass and now I understand that it all begins to be fact to those who want to believe it."

Because of the extent that the rumor that she is indeed a Reform convert traveled, Myrna says that even people who know her spoke to her about it. "People who know me. Nice people called me and said, 'Good for you, you got so far. We didn't know that you're a convert.' I said, 'You should know that if I were a convert I would be proud of it. I'm not a convert.' A week and a half ago the very kind wife of my grandson, she's a nurse, and someone saw her name tag with the name 'Bennett', and this woman asked 'Are you connected to Bennett?' and she answered yes, and the woman said that he took all of the money from the state to build his house and he's not even Jewish. Then I understood how deep it goes."

When asked if she supports the lawsuit that her son filed against the individual who spoke out against her she answered: "Yes, since I understand that this is the only way, I don't know if it's possible to change lies that run deep, but I'm very proud that he's doing this. When I saw that Rabbi on TV I felt a thousand times more proud that he was doing this. This man said that I, Myrna, am not Jewish and you can check Google. He said that."

She thinks that the wave of slander was not by chance. "I don't believe that things like this can happen suddenly. Half a year ago, we said that we won't do something major about it because 'they're crazy, but now I think it's important and people who want to believe something so stupid that they learned from Google, will believe. A lot of other people are learning what happens with lies."