The first ambulance of the four
The first ambulance of the fourPlasan Re'em

The Israel Defense Ministry Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP) on Friday transferred a bulletproof ambulance to Ukraine, for use by that country's first responders.

This is the first of four ambulances which Israel's Defense Ministry is expected to transfer to Ukraine in the coming months.

The ambulance is a Mercedes Sprinter, and has been made bulletproof by the Israeli company Plasan Re'em.

The armored ambulance is only the latest addition to the aid which Israel has provided to Ukraine since the start of that country's war with Russia earlier this year. This aid includes, among other supplies, thousands of helmets and bullet proof vests for Ukrainian rescue personnel and for civilian organizations in the country. Previous aid has also included protective suits for clearing mines, and equipment for filtering and cleaning biological and chemical agents.

Among other aid provided were 100 tons of humanitarian aid, including medicines and medical equipment, donated by the Israeli Ministry of Health; Israeli water purification systems and emergency water supply kits, in coordination with the Water Authority; and thousands of tents, blankets, sleeping bags, and coats.

Israel also sent a delegation which established itself on the Ukrainian border and which provides medical and psychological treatment, as well as humanitarian aid, to refugees who are fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.