Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Police Sergeant Majors David Yoel and Menashe Naftali, the officers who responded to the terrorist ramming attack in which a female soldier was moderately injured Tuesday morning and eliminated the attacker, described the pursuit of the terrorist.

The policemen said: "We noticed a vehicle driving wildly, and at the same time we were hearing reports about an attack. We realized that it was the terrorist's vehicle. We spread out and stopped the vehicle, and fired at him, and he continued to escape towards Givat Assaf. We drove after him - he was endangering the other drivers on the road - and in the area of the checkpoint we approached him."

The terrorist had a work permit and had been employed at a Rami Levy store in Binyamin about a month ago. He was also armed with a knife.

During the pursuit, Sergeant Major Naftali leaned out of the police car so that his upper body was outside the vehicle and fired a precise shot at the terrorist's vehicle, causing the terrorist to crash into a safety rail.

"We got out of the car, strove for contact contact, and broke the window of the terrorist's car to make sure that he was indeed neutralized and did not pose any danger," he said.

Police Commissioner Yaakov 'Kobi' Shabtai spoke to the two officers and praised them for their efforts in neutralizing the terrorist. "You performed excellently. Your initial identification of a suspicious vehicle, before you even knew about the incident, followed by your linking it to the incident, with the result of a dead terrorist - that's what I want to see." Shabtai said.

The commissioner added: "I want to express my appreciation to the police officers for striving for contact, focus on the mission, for their professionalism that in the end saw the elimination of the terrorist who carried out the attack. This is what we expect from our police officers. The officers acted as expected and required of officers in the Israel Police."