Firefighters (illustration)
Firefighters (illustration)Yossi Zamir/Flash 90

A terrorist who set a Hebron-area synagogue ablaze nearly a year ago has been sentenced to prison.

The Mitzpe Ziv synagogue, located near the town of Maaleh Hever in the Hebron hills, was torched in January this year.

Mitzpe Ziv is an observation point and monument in memory of two Israeli security guards, Yehuda Ben Yosef and Yoav Doron, who were killed in 2003 after being mistakenly identified as terrorists.

In a Judea military court, the arsonist agreed to a plea bargain under which he would serve 18 months in prison and pay a fine amounting to 12,000 NIS.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of Honenu responded to the ruling, saying, "Considering the circumstantial evidence in this case, this is a reasonable outcome. We will continue to work to increase the severity of punishment and increase deterrence, as much as possible."