The burned synagogue near Hebron
The burned synagogue near HebronFirefighters

Firefighters from the Judea Regional Station responded on Saturday to reports of arson at a synagogue in Mitzpe Ziv in the southern Hebron hills, near the settlement of Ma'ale Hever.

Firefighter Avi Desta, the team commander, commented, "A report was received at the Judea and Samaria control center about the burning of a synagogue in Mitzpe Ziv. Upon arrival, we identified a stone structure whose entire contents were going up in flames."

"We found many tires at the site that were apparently thrown inside to provide fuel for the fire. In addition, the holy books and furniture were damaged by the fire, including the holy ark. Thankfully, there were no Torah scrolls inside. "

The firefighters noted that there have been similar cases of arson in that area on the past. A forensic investigation is underway with the help of the Israel Police.

Mitzpe Ziv is an observation point and monument in memory of two Israeli security guards, Yehuda Ben Yosef and Yoav Doron, who were killed in 2003 after being mistakenly identified as terrorists.