Benyamin Netanyahu while leaving the conference
Benyamin Netanyahu while leaving the conferenceHaim Twito

While leaving the Besheva and Israel National News-Arutz Sheva economic conference in Jerusalem on Sunday, opposition head and Likud chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu assured members of the Homesh community in northern Samaria that he will care for their town.

After finishing his address at the conference Netanyahu was approached by the CEO of the Homesh Yeshiva Shmuel Wendi, who presented the former prime minister with a memento from the village.

Wendi thanked Netanyahu for supporting the nullification of the disengagement law in the previous Knesset and asked him if he intended on supporting the nullification in the next Knesset as well, to which Netanyahu answered affirmatively.

The village of Homesh was demolished in 2005, along with three other nearby settlements and all Jewish communities in Gaza. Despite the dismantling of the settlement, the IDF held onto the land and set up a base there. In 2009, after repeated attempts to re-establish the community were consistently foiled, a yeshiva was set up on the site to maintain a Jewish presence in this historic region. The yeshiva is also periodically destroyed, but students and their rabbis return. Recently, a growing proportion of the Israeli populace is expressing its support by coming to marches and on solidarity visits to the sight.

Last week Israel Nation News conducted special broadcasts concerning the issue of the renewal of settlement in Northern Samaria and Homesh, and regarding the demand to promote the repeal of the Disengagement Law. As part of the broadcasting day, a special studio was set up on the way to Homesh where interviews and broadcasts were conducted.