Gas rig in the Mediterranean
Gas rig in the MediterraneanFlash 90

Professor Eugene Kontorovich on Tuesday slammed the agreement with Lebanon, saying that the Hezbollah terror group is now overriding Israel's democracy.

Prof. Kontorovich is an expert on International Maritime Law and Director of International Law at the Jerusalem-based Kohelet Policy Forum which petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court against the maritime deal with Lebanon.

"The agreement to cede territory to Lebanon certainly involves territory Israel has claimed as its sovereign territory," Prof. Kontorovich said. "This is the first time Israel has ceded territory over which it has declared sovereignty (unlike Sinai, Gaza, etc). This is the first time an Israeli government gives away territory without the support of the Knesset, and the first time a minority government does so."

"Transferring any national territory requires Knesset approval in Israeli law, as well as the constitutions of countries from the US to Egypt. The reason the government claims it must do this now, before elections or a Knesset vote, is that this is Hezbollah's demand to prevent war.

"This means Hezbollah now overrides Israel's democracy."