Netanyahu and the candidates for whom he reserved spots
Netanyahu and the candidates for whom he reserved spots Spokesperson

Opposition leader and Likud Party chairman Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday decided to reserve a spot on the Likud Knesset slate for Moshe Saada, the former deputy head of the Justice Ministry’s Police Internal Investigations Department.

Netanyahu has five spots on the Likud slate that he can reserve for candidates of his choice - 14, 16, 28, 37 and 43. He announced that he decided to place former Yamina MK Amichai Chikli in the 14th spot, former Yamina MK Idit Silman in the 16th spot, Moshe Saada in the 28th spot, media personality Tsega Melaku in the 37th spot and lawyer Yossi Fuchs in the 43rd spot.

Netanyahu said, "The members of the Likud chose an excellent slate in the primaries that will bring Israel a stable government for four good years in which we will suppress terrorism, restore national pride, and lower the cost of living. Together with all team members we will bring four years of stability to Israel with a strong and stable national government.''

Saada was courted by the Religious Zionism party and in recent days there was also an attempt by Ayelet Shaked and the Jewish Home to include him on their Knesset slate, but it is believed that he refused their offer.

Saada is known mainly for his accusations, after he stepped down from his role in the Internal Investigations Department, that former Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, former Israel Police Commissioner Roni Alsheikh and former State Attorney Shai Nitzan had covered up cases.