Scene of stabbing attack near Hebron
Scene of stabbing attack near Hebron IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The terrorist who on Friday stabbed an Israeli soldier near Hebron has been identified as a 19-year-old from Dheisha, near Bethlehem.

In Friday's attack, the terrorist stabbed an IDF soldier with a knife, moderately injuring him. Immediately afterwards, the terrorist was eliminated when a soldier from the same battalion fired three shots at him.

The terrorist's name has not bee released.

Corporal M., a soldier and medic in the Tzabar Battalion, provided vital medical care to the soldier who was stabbed at an IDF military post, immediately after eliminating the terrorist.

"We were standing and guarding roads, and the terrorist came from behind and stabbed my squad sergeant. I didn’t hesitate and opened fire, the terrorist was neutralized and then I secured the area and, as a medic, I gave life-saving medical care to my squad sergeant," Corporal M. said Friday.

He added, "We, the soldiers of the Tzabar Battalion, continue to work day and night to protect the Hebron area and protect the residents of Israel."