Zehava Galon and Yair Golan
Zehava Galon and Yair GolanFlash 90

The left-wing Meretz party on Tuesday will hold primaries for its party leadership and list, ahead of the November elections for Knesset.

Voting will be both online and in poll booths, and each voter will cast two ballots: one for party leadership, and the other for its Knesset list.

For party leadership, Meretz members will choose between Zehava Galon, a former Meretz head, and Deputy Economy Minister Yair Golan. If there is a tie, repeat elections will be held.

The polls will open at 2:00p.m. Tuesday afternoon, and remain open until 10:00p.m. In locations with up to 499 Meretz members, the polls will beopen from 4:00p.m. until 9:00p.m.

Earlier, Galon attacked Golan, telling Galei Tzahal, "Yair Golan has moved to slander and dirtying [others]. There is one side which is acting in an inappropriate manner and another side, me, who responds by speaking about myself and about Meretz. Yair Golan tells us that he brings new audiences - where are they? I am bringing the leftists home."

Golan replied, "These accusations have no basis and no base. The one who is conducting a very personal, very dirty, and in my eyes, corrupt campaign is her. The criticism I have is relevant."