Natan Fitoussi
Natan Fitoussi IDF Spokesman

The father of staff sergeant Natan Fitoussi, the IDF soldier who was killed in a friendly fire incident this week near the city of Tulkarm, spoke with members of the media on Wednesday. "Thanks to Natan we moved to Israel, we moved for the children. He said that G-d chose us to move to Israel. It was a big transformation for him, and he loved Israel. He always cared about people and gave to them."

"When Natan would watch the news he would say that he wants unity in Israel, only when we're united can we fight our enemies," the father added.

Staff sergeant Fitoussi was laid to rest on Tuesday at the Netanya military cemetery, hundreds attended his funeral.

Fitoussi's brigade commander Lieutenant Colonel Ran Cohn spoke at the funeral, "You were a motivated soldier, full of willpower and pride. A man with a heart of gold, full of faith. You immigrated to Israel and you bound your fate to the country."

The initial investigation into the incident shows that it occurred during operational activity near the Judea and Samaria security barrier. The review determined that the late Staff Sergeant Nathan Fitoussi left his guard post and, when he returned, was identified by another soldier as a threat. The soldier fired at the late Staff Sergeant Nathan Fitoussi. Immediately after understanding the misidentification, he reported the incident to his commanders who called for medical attention to the scene. The medical team arrived within minutes and provided the late Staff Sergeant Nathan Fitoussi with initial medical treatment. After resuscitation efforts in the field, the late Staff Sergeant Nathan Fitoussi was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.