MK Moshe Tor-Paz
MK Moshe Tor-Paz Arutz Sheva

In an interview with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva "Yesh Atid" MK Moshe Kinley Tur-Paz spoke about the connection that may be forming between his party and the haredi sector.

Although the party doesn't have staff to cater specifically to Haredim, Tur-Paz says that a group of haredim did meet with "Yesh Atid" officials, since it is the ruling party. At the meeting, the haredim told the officials that they were tired of the haredi parties and that they want to join "Yesh Atid". "We welcomed them with open arms. I believe that there are more like them," says Tur-Paz.

Does a party like Yesh Atid have what to offer the haredi sector? Tur-Paz states that in recent years party members have not made any anti-haredi remarks and there is cooperation with members of the sector. "look who promoted the matters that are most important to the more progressive elements of the Haredi community, which isn't small, in the past year," Tur-Paz says, mentioning that his party was behind the opening of schools for Haredim that offer core subjects, which opens options for higher learning and employment. "A ruling party like Yesh Atid can help the more modern haredi youth", he says and stated that in the end the haredim weren't hurt by his party's moves, and the attempt to paint the party as anti-haredi was centered around minor issues like the price of sugary drinks and not the important ones. The MK is convinced that "the young Haredi can feel at home in Yesh Atid."

When asked whether the move to improve Haredi education will split up the United Torah Judaism Party (UTJ), Tur-Paz answers that he's opposed to parties splitting up and he doesn't think that a split up will benefit the haredi Sector. He hopes that in the next coalition his party will work together with a united haredi party. "I hope UTJ and Agudat Yisrael will do what's good for their constituents. If they want to run together, great. I think it's best if they can run together."

Tur-Paz believes that it was possible to include the Haredim in the last coalition. "The Israeli public needs to look at its government and see people that are just like them." He says that those in the middle of the aisle, more than 100 MKs, including the Haredim, can work together. In his opinion, that was true about the out-going government and he estimates that in Yair Lapid's next government there will be room for a Haredi party.