Wedding of Ayelet Kolman and Efraim Rimmel
Wedding of Ayelet Kolman and Efraim Rimmel Courtesy of the photographer

Yael Shevach, who lost her husband Raziel in a terror attack, attended the wedding of Efraim Rimmel and Ayelet Kolman on Monday night.

Afterwards, she wrote to journalist Sivan Rahav Meir, "This is the wedding season, and I am also coming back from a wedding - but a wedding such as this I never attended before. Efraim Rimmel lost his wife Tzipi and his little daughter about three years ago in an accident on Route 443, when a Palestinian driver drove outrageously and extremely fast. Efraim was left paralyzed in his lower body. Ayelet Kolman lost her husband Adiel in a terror attack. The two of them wed tonight."

"At the chuppah (ceremony under the wedding canopy), Ayelet sat on a chair, because Efraim is in a wheelchair. She just sat next to him the entire chuppah, and that says a lot. Opposite them stood so many friends and family members, and danced in their honor. It was amazing to me that the extended families of Adiel, obm, and of Tzipi, obm, arrived en masse and were there, rejoicing in their happiness.

"This was an evening in which they gathered up the shards, they shook off the dust, and there was a feeling that this world and the next world are joining together. I felt that a wedding such as this, of a widow and a widower, is a sort of call of ours to G-d. They are essentially starting chapter two, despite everything they have been through. They decided to do their best with the bad which happened to them.

"To gather the shards, to shake off the dust. Neither of them wanted to be in this situation in the first place, but they were meant to go through it together. I looked at them and I said, 'Master of the World, what about chapter two with us, the People of Israel, after everything we have been through?'

"I am coming home filled with energy. I hope the energy that was there will touch every person reading this," she concluded.