The IDF on Sunday morning published a new video and information on the assassination of Islamic Jihad's Southern Gaza Division Commander Khaled Mansour.

The operation was approved by the Chief of the General Staff, the Minister of Defense and the Prime Minister.

Two additional Islamic Jihad operatives were also killed in the operation: Khatab ‘Amasi, commanding officer of the Rafah Brigade in the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and Mansour’s deputy, and Ziad Madalal, a member of the Islamic Jihad leadership and the right-hand man of Mansour.

In recent days Mansour worked to carry out an anti-tank missile and rocket attack at Israel and was responsible for the planning of a terror attack in Israel along the border with Gaza which was thwarted by the IDF.

Over the years, Mansour was involved in carrying out many terror attacks, including the attack in July 2004 which moderately injured the IDF Commander of the Southern Gaza Brigade, Col. Pinhas Zuaretz.
In addition, in 2010, when he served as the head of the Rocket Faction of the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, Mansour took responsibility for the terrorist attack in which Maj. Eliraz Peretz and Staff Sgt. Ilan Saviatovski were killed.

Mansour led dozens of terror attacks against the State of Israel, from the firing of mortars through to advanced rockets.

In 2015, Mansour served as the Commander of the Islamic Jihad's Northern Gaza Brigade. Following this, he became the Southern Gaza Division Commanding Officer. At the same time, he was in charge of the Tunnels Unit and commander of the Rocket Faction of the Islamic Jihad.

Throughout Operation “Guardian of the Walls” in May 2021, he carried out heavy rocket fire at Israel, specifically at the cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod. He also was planning further attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.