Islamic Jihad, Gaza
Islamic Jihad, GazaFlash 90

Dozens of Islamic Jihad terrorists on Wednesday displayed life-sized replicas of rockets during a parade in the Gaza Strip, in a show of defiance after recent fighting with Israel, The Associated Press reported.

The terrorists drove pick-up trucks with different sizes of rocket replicas and posters of their slain commanders. People lined the streets, throwing flowers, according to the report.

The parade follows Operation Breaking Dawn, during which the Islamic Jihad fired some 1,100 rockets towards Israel. The operation concluded after Egypt mediated a ceasefire between the sides.

Days after the ceasefire went into effect, sources in Israel said that the IDF believes that the calm in the Gaza Strip has the potential to last for years.

The assessment is based on a combination of several factors. First and foremost, the report said, is Operation Guardian of the Walls, which created a deterrent against Hamas, as well as the concessions that Israel has been making to the Gaza Strip, so Hamas has something to lose if it chooses to violate the ceasefire.

Another reason for the expected calm is the deterrence the latest operation, Breaking Dawn, caused vis-à-vis the Islamic Jihad. The IDF estimates that Islamic Jihad will no longer enter into conflicts against Israel without having prior backing from Hamas.