Rocket fire on Israel
Rocket fire on IsraelAttia Muhammed/Flash90

The Islamic Jihad terrorist organization confirmed early Sunday morning that Khaled Mansour, the leader of the organization's southern division, was eliminated in an IDF attack in the Gaza Strip.

Also eliminated in the attack was Ziad Al-Mudallal, the son of the senior Islamic Jihad leader Ahmad al-Mudallal.

Meanwhile, the IDF continued to strike terrorist targets in Gaza early Sunday morning. This followed a barrage of rockets that was fired at southern Israel overnight.

Over the years, Mansour was involved in dozens of incidents of rocket fire, mortar bombs and anti-tank missiles. During Operation Guardian of the Walls, he was responsible for hundreds of rocket launches towards Israel.

The head of the operations department in the IDF, Major General Oded Basiuk, told the media on Saturday night that "the entire security elite of the Islamic Jihad has been eliminated."

"Another very important phenomenon could be seen in the last few hours. The Islamic Jihad fires hundreds of rockets, a significant part of which hits inside the Gaza Strip. According to all the data I have - I see that the attack on Jabaliya is self-inflicted. The organization not only endangers Israeli lives, it also hurts the Palestinians. We will continue and act against the Islamic Jihad as long as we need to. We will not stop until the Islamic Jihad stops threatening us. Patience is important, not everything works smoothly in such operations. So far the results are good," said the general.

On Saturday night, the IDF presented video evidence that a failed rocket attack by the Islamic Jihad was responsible for the deaths of several children in Jabalia, north of Gaza City, contrary to Arab claims that an Israeli attack caused the deaths of the children.