Funding those condemning Israel for 'excessive force'
Funding those condemning Israel for 'excessive force'

While Israel faces non-stop terrorist attacks nationwide, the extremist New Israel Fund has stepped up from blaming Israel for the attacks, to now condemning the country for using “excessive force” in stopping attacks of those trying to kill innocent Israelis. One of the organizations it supports petitioned the Supreme Court and succeeded in staying the demolition of the homes of seven terrorists, among them the murderers of the Henkin couple. It has been shown decisively that demolition of terrorists' homes is a deterrent to further terror and can thus save Jewish and Arab lives.

NIF can rejoice in the fact that The US State Department and the UN Secretary General have condemned Israel for using too much force to stop stabbing, stone and Molotov cocktail throwing. It can be happy that the Supreme Court prevented the immediate demolition of the terrorist homes, the time when it is most effective, and this after the IDF and cabinet had authorized the demolitions after careful deliberation.

Israeli NGOs funded by the New Israel Fund, including B’Tselem, Adalah, Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, and Yesh Din, have issued press releases describing “a worrying trend to use firearms to kill Palestinians who have attacked Israelis or are suspected of such attacks.”   A B’Tselem press release noted, “….Israeli government officials and others in position of authority have been calling explicitly to “shoot to kill”, so the lives of Palestinians suspected of perpetrating attack are forfeit, even when they no longer pose a threat. To date, more than ten people have been shot to death when suspected of perpetrating attacks. The excessive force Israel has been using to quell these demonstrations has left at least five Palestinian dead and hundreds injured.”

This narrative encourages the world's anti-Israel media coverage. 

Yair Lapid – no Netanyahu supporter – said it right on this issue:

“If someone attacks with a butcher knife and storms at an Israeli citizen, I am not willing to have a discussion about his motives. If someone comes out with an ax and attacks a woman at the bus stop, I am not ready to have a debate on the most polite way to neutralize him.

"If Abu Mazen (PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas) is selling lies to his people even though he knows it encourages violence and bloodshed, I will not be among those who ignore it.  The silence of the left against Abbas new is a new level of complete disillusionment with their philosophy.  What lies in front of it is a simple and absolute truth: Jewish blood is not cheap."

The New Israel Fund has invested millions of Jewish American dollars in Arab NGO organizations in Israel.  This money was given, they claimed, with the expectation of building a stronger social democratic system – yet, not a single NIF-funded Arab NGO has decried the recent wave of terror.

What kind of a Jewish world is this where the head of the UJA-Federation, Alisa Doctoroff, Sally Gottesman, Karen R. Adler, and even synagogues Including  Temple Beth El of Santa Cruz, Calif.; Tzedakah Hevra at Congregation Beth El in Sudbury, Mass.; Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun in Wisconsin; Kehila Chadasha of Bethesda, Md.; Rodeph Shalom in Philadelphia; Temple Beth Avodah of Newton Center, Mass.; Temple Shalom of Newton, Mass.; Congregation Emanu-El in San Francisco; and Temple Israel in White Plains, N.Y., are counted among those who give $30 million annually to NIF which is used to harm Israel.

How can they support organizations that protect terrorist homes?

Don't just donate. Examine closely what happens to your money because those who support the NIF stand against Israel.